Sr. Enterprise Project Manager (Franklin Lakes, NJ)

  • Master data analysis on SKU and sales volume for re-branding and budget priority
  • Enterprise risk and budget reporting on projects for corporate review and prioritization
  • Implementation of Global Diabetes Care web site template for 15 country reuse and local customization
  • Consumer and HCP brand migration of BARD products at the product label/packaging (red line, regulatory review, CAD drawing and green label-BOM ) with GxP supply chain planning to corporate standards

Sr. Project Manager Supply Chain

  • Working with both integral/external supply manufactures (CMO’s) to produce serialized product.
  • Completed a GxP validated data audit review of past data legacy migration project with internal audit
  • Work with Master Data teams to confirm Wholesaler process flows and Blockchain processing
  • Enterprise reporting on global sterilization efforts and risk/issue reporting
  • Participate in SAP Multi system upgrade and optimized work flow effort with Celgene merger

Technology Project Manager

  • Successful closure of NIST (12MM) enterprise software and network infrastructure upgrade with internal Lab and datacenter facilities
  • Projects focused on the buildout of new Labs for business growth and process standardization
  • Assure updates and projects follow CFR Part 11 compliance though review and process meetings
  • Weekly reporting on program that are undergoing migration across corporation
  • Clarity ERP used to track project cost and time allocation of team assigned
  • Daily interaction with business and Lab teams to streamline workflow and consolidation of data
  • Build out of new Esoteric test lab in Virginia to support molecular and other complex testing

Digital Project Manager – Delivery

  • Working with DTC teams on consumer brand site migration over to Drupal environment with updates
  • Data flow analysis of PIM, Mediabeacon and SAP process for site product display and inventory tracking
  • Weekly reporting on brands that are undergoing migration across corporation
  • Daily interaction with business teams to streamline product availability and consolidation of content
  • Collection of web metrics for review on site page changes and reduction of low traffic material.

Digital Project Manager – Medical Devices

  • Working with brand division teams to migrate sites over to J&J hosting, streamlining vendor dependency
  • Use of corporate PMO reporting tools, PMx, to update current team status and track risk/budget
  • Weekly PMO corporate reporting performed on team efforts and risk escalation with governance board
  • Key compliance remediation on sites: and (GxP), rewrites under Drupal and migration to J&J hosting
  • J&J internal GxP tracking tools used are ADAPTIV, JIRA and Instantis
  • Used JIRA, Tableau, Confluence and Box Repository tools for issue resolution and information sharing



Digital Project Manager - Digital Project Team

  • Worked with SILIQ and Bausch&Lomb Allergy HCP brands on upgraded web sites and new product rollouts
  • Review sites and work with Marketing agencies on site update/changes.
  • CMS used were, DNN and WordPress being migrated over to Drupal.
  • Confirm the GA and GTM tools are working correctly on new/update site releases
  • Create and update mobile iPad tools/program for company sales team
  • Use Basecamp, PowerPoint and SharePoint to coordinate projects and share assets-status.



Digital Project Manager – PCH team

  • Work with creative and development partners to deliver Websites and new functionality updates.
  • Handle the OTC US domestic consumer brand sites (approx. 20 brands sites) for consumer unit.
  • Coordinate and interact with maintenance team for asset handoffs after site launches.
  • Reporting of teams accomplishments and portfolio project status using Confluence-JIRA
  • Re-launched Websites of PCH Coupon Portal,, Emergen-C and products.
  • Site integration with Janrain, RevTrax and Google Analytics for cloud presence
  • Work with brand owners to add media events and sampling promotions to drive site traffic.
  • Migrated and supported WordPress and static sites over to Drupal for corporate conformity.
  • Used JIRA, Tableau, Confluence and Box Repository tools for issue resolution and information sharing.

Interaction with brand owners to add media events and sampling promotions to drive site traffic.   Managed the active projects for the Consumer brand unit, roughly eight active efforts at one time. Creation of new sites like the PCH Coupon Ports ( for brand awareness and sales increases.


PMO Project Manager - Digital

  • Migrate twenty six consumer purchased brand Web sites from Merck hosting over to Bayer hosting.
  • Weekly content update and compliance updates on the domestic corporate portal
  • Compliance reviews of corporate portal and required update of Consumer Care sites.
  • Worked with Animal Health division on multi-band site re-write and live activation (external creative/offshore coding)

Main focus of a key brand project was the time critical conversion of purchased brands Web sites over to Bayer infrastructure. This project was working with an external vendor to also perform platform swap out from Tridion to Teamsite. The coordination with multiple brand owners and site reviews allowed the smooth transition to be accomplished. On other more generic Web site update projects, I manage the flow of an external creative agency builds assets w/ legal review then an an offshore partner implements the updates with a business UAT testing cycle. The corporate tools used are: MIRA for track domains, Teamsite for CMS, Tableau, JIRA for defect tracking and Adobe Site Catalysis for Web metrics.

VP - PMO Project Manager

  • Coordinate the creation of development standard documents to support SOA environment
  • The software redesign of internal/external Web applications to add new functionality and improve workflows
  • Utilize Quality Center, Project and multiple meetings to track project metrics and coordination of solutions
  • Creation of PowerPoint material and presentations to communicate group’s project goals and practices
  • Work with SharePoint lists and forms to create PMO tracking tools and development artifact repository

The current business priority is the consolidation of multiple retail workstation platforms (domestic and international WMW Desktop) and external client facing site (MyMerrill portal) into an environment servicing multiple products and groups. The focus is on Web applications and data consolidation in SOA environment to improved UI uniformity. Participate on product release of internal 30,000 FA branch user base and external Web portal. Coordinate efforts to have validation performed on upgrades-projects impacting platforms. Use of multiple tools to analyze data, track internal application usage and UI design being employed (Power Point, MS-Visio, Toad-Oracle, SQL, Access, Excel, Project 2010 PWA , and HTML-CSS).


Project Manager / Business Analyst

  • Manage Web projects and data integration efforts for offshore development in the media publishing industry.
  • Work with external client operation staff to collect requirements on newly proposed business system/processing on both publication and Web space. (ie: &
  • Engage with internal sales staff to create cost proposals on new projects for contract bidding.
  • Analysis/BPM of legacy hardcopy publication business and upgrade path with Ad management improvements.

Work with a wide range of technology to find business solutions for external clients’ business processing and sales issues. Some solutions are technology based with a Web component; others are workflow efficiency and information content-related. A large focus is on new technology tools for client solutions and supporting new CMS tools. Engaged with internal Sales staff to create bidding proposals on new efforts to assist contract bidding. Focused on new technology tools for client solutions and supported new CMS tools. (ie: CMS-Drupal using CSS/themes/views, MySql, LAMP stack, MS-SQL, SEO, Visio, PowerPoint, Taxonomy and SOLR Search Engine)