Personal Current

While outside of work responsibilities and my family activities, here are popular pastime activities I spend time on:

  • Kids Sports and Coaching  (go Cougars Lacrosse)
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Hobby Drones   (brands: Propel,Hubsan)
  • Recreation Biking  (Trek fan)
  • DIY Home Improvement
  • Model RR - three railer (O scale, MTH, Lionel)


They change according to the season and now kids sport teams are getting very active.  (After 4th grade, most games do get a lot more fun to watch)

During the summer months the Outdoor Garden takes a role, but lately it's low focus activity. After living in Hoboken many years with an exclusive backyard, you get to appreciate the trees and shrubs that outdoors landscapes offer. It was much more pleasant having a glass of wine looking at nice plants and grass in the yard, rather than urban weeds. It was also became a nice place to entertain groups of friends.