This is the professional and personal site of Tom Hoffelder

This is the professional and personal site of Tom Hoffelder. I currently live in northern New Jersey. I am a product of the tri-state area, growing up on Long Island and then educated in two NYC universities. My IT career began largely in the financial markets and later transitioned to the pharma industry.  My engineering degree has given me the ability to pick up new technology and adjust to changing times.

Key Skills:

  • Worked in multiple office environments from small startup business to large corporations.
  • Responsible for keeping all stakeholders and participants informed by using: scheduled meetings, weekly status reports with KPIs and touch point phone calls
  • Good team building skills that allow me to work with multiple teams and diverse participants.
  • Keen ability to refine scope on efforts and chart critical paths on efforts/projects for delivery.
  • Build team consensus startling in discovery meetings and input from all team members.



  • All information presented on my site is not for publication, duplication or solicitation by other parties.
  • If you have interest in my background or topics and require further details, kindly contact me.