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Garden Corner

Here was an unused a comer of the yard that was under a big pine tree, it was made into a sitting area.  Nice a cool on hot days, lots of shade and a good place to smoke cigars at night.  The Hostas grow ver well under the pine tree in this corner

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Crawl Request and Payment w/ PayPal

Need to know your name for the requestor
REQUIRED - Need to know your email address to send results back
It is helpful to understand your motivation for this request, what will you do with the results?

--- The next set of fields is for the URL entry of the Crawl ---

  • Five fields are for the order, three are required
  • Two alternative fields are required


URL Restriction Points:

  •     Any large major sites such an CNN, Walmart or Citibank will be rejected.  ----> Nutch is not a price crawler
  •     The goal here is to assist the small to regional entities for research (ie: The butch the baker and candle stick maker)
  •     If a 'robot.txt' file is present for a supplied URL/site the alternat URLs will be attempted

---Disclaimer ---

The goal is to follow local/regional laws as they are understood. These are your entered URL values, so you violate local rules as per your entry.


Next steps:

  1. First choose the 'Check Order' button to find errors in the details entered above. {adjust/fix any errors}
  2. Second after the form clears checking,  choose the 'Add to Cart' button
  3. Lastly use the 'View Cart' link to make the PayPal payment for the request



CrawlOder - Test #2

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