PMO Project Manager - Digital

  • Migrate twenty six consumer purchased brand Web sites from Merck hosting over to Bayer hosting.
  • Weekly content update and compliance updates on the domestic corporate portal
  • Compliance reviews of corporate portal and required update of Consumer Care sites.
  • Worked with Animal Health division on multi-band site re-write and live activation (external creative/offshore coding)


VP - PMO Project Manager

  • Coordinate the creation of development standard documents to support SOA environment
  • The software redesign of internal/external Web applications to add new functionality and improve workflows
  • Utilize Quality Center, Project and multiple meetings to track project metrics and coordination of solutions
  • Creation of PowerPoint material and presentations to communicate group’s project goals and practices
  • Work with SharePoint lists and forms to create PMO tracking tools and development artifact repository

The current business priority is the consolidation of multiple retail workstation platforms (domestic and international WMW Desktop) and external client facing site (MyMerrill portal) into an environment servicing multiple products and groups. The focus is on Web applications and data consolidation in SOA environment to improved UI uniformity. Participate on product release of internal 30,000 FA branch user base and external Web portal. Coordinate efforts to have validation performed on upgrades-projects impacting platforms. Use of multiple tools to analyze data, track internal application usage and UI design being employed (Power Point, MS-Visio, Toad-Oracle, SQL, Access, Excel, Project 2010 PWA , and HTML-CSS).


Project Manager / Business Analyst

  • Manage Web projects and data integration efforts for offshore development in the media publishing industry.
  • Work with external client operation staff to collect requirements on newly proposed business system/processing on both publication and Web space. (ie: &
  • Engage with internal sales staff to create cost proposals on new projects for contract bidding.
  • Analysis/BPM of legacy hardcopy publication business and upgrade path with Ad management improvements.

Work with a wide range of technology to find business solutions for external clients’ business processing and sales issues. Some solutions are technology based with a Web component; others are workflow efficiency and information content-related. A large focus is on new technology tools for client solutions and supporting new CMS tools. Engaged with internal Sales staff to create bidding proposals on new efforts to assist contract bidding. Focused on new technology tools for client solutions and supported new CMS tools. (ie: CMS-Drupal using CSS/themes/views, MySql, LAMP stack, MS-SQL, SEO, Visio, PowerPoint, Taxonomy and SOLR Search Engine)

Education listing, oldest listed first:

  • NYU - Polytechnic University- Brooklyn, NY
    • Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering
    • Major: Electrical/Computer Engineering


  • Fordham University- New York, NY
    • Masters of Business Administration
    • Major: Finance/Economic


  • PMP Certification – expired 2005, documentation attached as sample



Garden Corner

Here was an unused a comer of the yard that was under a big pine tree, it was made into a sitting area.  Nice a cool on hot days, lots of shade and a good place to smoke cigars at night.  The Hostas grow ver well under the pine tree in this corner

Crawl Request and Payment w/ PayPal

Need to know your name for the requestor
REQUIRED - Need to know your email address to send results back
It is helpful to understand your motivation for this request, what will you do with the results?

--- The next set of fields is for the URL entry of the Crawl ---

  • Five fields are for the order, three are required
  • Two alternative fields are required


URL Restriction Points:

  •     Any large major sites such an CNN, Walmart or Citibank will be rejected.  ----> Nutch is not a price crawler
  •     The goal here is to assist the small to regional entities for research (ie: The butch the baker and candle stick maker)
  •     If a 'robot.txt' file is present for a supplied URL/site the alternat URLs will be attempted

---Disclaimer ---

The goal is to follow local/regional laws as they are understood. These are your entered URL values, so you violate local rules as per your entry.


FORM steps to Follow:

  1. Enter in the fields above, key are the "REQUIRED" values

  2. Second choose the 'Check Order' button to find errors in the details entered. {adjust/fix any errors}

  3. Once all entries pass the check, you will be on the validation page, at bottom choose the "BACK" button

  4. Next step on this form, choose the 'Add to Cart' button

  5. LAST STEP use this 'View Cart' link to make the PayPal payment for this request



Tortured Smoke

Here is a dual set of smoke bushes the were initially planted to grow tall and provide privacy.  But, the back neighbor later put in a row of bushes (hemlocks) that cover the privacy point, so I was trying to re-purpose and cut the bushes down.  Also second challenge, the area does not get enough sun for bushes to grow full and stay purple.  But they grow back each year, so they are staying.  Bush on left was almost lost this year, trying to grow it back. (ie: fence needs repair, I know...)

This ThumbCrawl web will lookup the five URLs and two alternate URLs. The focus here is support a straight forward simple web crawl request.

I will use common open source tools and follow common crawl rules. These are largely  out of the box settings.  No customization will me made on my search configuration, so it will be a non-biased/ influenced return of finding using these tools.  {Honest results with no gaming}


Tall Crape

Here is a Creapemyrtle that looks to be happy in the part of the yard.  Had to re-plant is a few times, nearly lost the bush.  It come out in late spring, you almost think its dead.  Slow grower, but in late August is looks very nice with maroon flowers at the top.  Was trying to keep it shorter, but cutting it just hurts the plant and top flowers.  Now just letting it grow wild, pushing the height of the white spire birch behind it.